Mom, a sofabed, and a hotel in the gaslamp the night before graduation

your smile is like a dentist’s waiting room, it fills me with unease, it reeks of antiseptic wash, and your pearly whites are entirely showcased

your eyes twinkle,

he’s my bitch

you say, he’ll sleep on the floor tonight

and you, Princess, may have the sofabed

and remember to sleep by eleven,

your grin never fades

but A) i’m not tired yet

and B) this sofabed is large enough for the two of us

but seeing as you’ve already set the cushions on the floor for dad, thoughtful considering tomorrow is father’s day, i sit down on them to stretch

and when i’m done and enjoying the pillows against my spine you inquire why i’m not enjoying the sofabed instead

and auntie on the bed with you beseeches you leave me be and we turn off the lights

and we hear you moaning with your tense speaking equipment

as you try to fall asleep

i wonder what lulls you to bed


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