you can’t teach wisdom

Wiser Ones have warned me not to, i disobeyed, i always did, i payed the price of disappointment.

change will not happen, not ever, until it is summoned, fully, with the entire heart.

it is fueled by love; it does not bloom until it is desired; it sleeps until we lure it out; become manifest!

you can’t teach wisdom but you can share love.

you can’t age backwards. you’re ancient, permanently, at 20 years old when you’ve changed and learned and tried so much that everyone around you seems to still be crawling.

it only hurts until you let it go, the loneliness, and remember you are Love, loved, loving.

remember to feel good

you know your Spirit is way the hell awake when all you wanna do is smile and run and scream and cry and jump for joy literal happiness.

run on run on run on run on sentence endless

like you.  beautiful stream of energy. beautiful, vibrant

vibrating being 🙂


don’t try so hard

be softer, even

softest if you can


don’t try, do.


for c.


you are more lovely than the jasmine flowers in your tea.

no one is going to tell you what to do, where to go, how to find your freedom.

tell me more about your mother.

help me understand why you love the ones who hurt you so.

i am so happy for you.

all will be well soon.



your friend